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Cycling Wheel Rim Tube Safety Reflector

Wow Sports Shop Cycling Wheel Rim Tube Safety Reflector

Cycling Wheel Rim Tube Safety Reflector

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🚲 Cycling Wheel Rim Mount Tube Warning Light -Strip Safety Reflector-Bicycle Reflective Tubes 🚲

✔️Increase your side and front visibility at 360°, making bicycling much safer.

✔️The weightless wheel reflector lights up your wheels by reflecting the headlights of all vehicles around you, making you visible to avoid collisions.

✔️Designed for a quick and simple, tool-free installation. Fits any standard spoke on mountain bikes, racing bikes and even wheelchair.


✔️360° Visibility Multi-direction reflectivity makes cyclists visible at night and can be seen from up to 400 meters away.

✔️Micro prismatic Technology Uses metalized cube-corner prisms for reflectors that help reflecting light more efficiently than simple glass bead reflectors.

✔️Non-Static Light Patterns Customize rotating, pulsating and moving the light to grab extra attention.

✔️Energy-Free Requires no electronics, battery, or upkeep.

✔️No Air Drag & Dynamic Imbalance lightweight and has zero impact on the bike’s performance or aerodynamics.

✔️Quick Installation Simply push the reflector onto the spokes.

✔️Flexible adjustment to any location on the spokes. One Size Fits All Fits any standard spoke on standard bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, and wheelchairs.

Product Specification:

Length: 80 mm

Diameter: 2-2.3 mm / 0.78-0.09 in

Package Includes:

12 PCS x Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector

Shipping Details:

  • 1-3 week for US ,Canada,UK,Australia,France,Italy ,Japan,India ,Sweden ,Denmark , Middle East, Spain
  • 2-5 week days for Other Countries

Products are packed in a safe padded envelope. If needed box packaging is done to avoid any kind of damage.

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